cannot create Categories

Updated on April 5, 2017 in Client Document Manager
2 on March 10, 2017

We have the following plugins installed:

SP Client Document Manager Premium
SP Client Document Manager Productivity Suite 1.2.2
SP Project & Document Manager

on WordPress 4.7.3.

We are unable to create Categories; we have tried these steps:
1. Open Documents > Categories
2. Click Add Category button
3. Fill in the fields for Name and Limit
4. Click Save

the Category never shows up in the list; there are no categories listed. No error messages are displayed.

What are we missing?

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1 on April 4, 2017

Hey hows it going, please navigate to settings and click the confirm database link. Thanks!

on April 5, 2017

Hello –

we have the same issue.
WP 4.7.3.
Version: Premium Version:

Confirming the db link did not help for us.

Could you please check again? Thanks.

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