Not able to share folders with everyone

Updated on February 14, 2019 in Client Document Manager
0 on February 14, 2019

I created some files and folders as administator (Username is not admin, but the user-role “administrator”!) but can’t share these folders and files with everyone. Only the folder-owner has access to it.

The documentation says: In the wordpress admin area, go to “folders” in the left nav. Click “modify” on the folder you want to share, and you will see a bunch of checkboxes for sharing options. Simply check the boxes by the folder you want to share for all the different roles you want to share them with.

I can’t find any checkboxes to choose different users / roles I could share the folder with. The only available option is to change the name and owner of the folder.

Do I have to use an useraccount named “admin” or is there a bug in the Plugin?

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