Problem with jQuery on the main page

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1 on July 24, 2018

I used the free plugin on a test site I’was using to restyle our site Everything worked fine, I asked for a demo too and we could verify the premium version would fit exactly our need.

But there is a problem: I went on with the restyling, then I moved everything on the main domain and the plugin didn’t work anymore. Please see an example of the main page of the plugin, created with the shortcode at:

Nuova area riservata

Do you have any suggestion? Is there a problem with jQuery or function file? At the moment we’re already stucked with the old file manager for Joomla with an iframe at and we can’t switch to your solution untill we find what’s wrong.

Thank you very much

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0 on July 26, 2018

Could you please submit a ticket with login information, there is currently no js error on the latest version

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