Questions about groups and batch transactions

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Hi Guys,

I recently bought some plugins. Im trying to set it all up.
I think i got most stuff to work.. however, I need 3 more things.

1. Is it possible for the admin to move files between folders.

As an example:
We are a transcription company. We want to give our clients access to their own folder. They can upload files there.
On the other side we have our transcribers (the ones who will be doing the actual transcriptions). They have their own folder.

I need my manager to be able to move the file from the client folder to the transcribers folder (copying it is also an option). I think we have to download it now and upload it again.. is there another option?

2. Notification
Same example as above. After a client uploads a file, we need our manager to get an email notification. This way she knows if there is a new file available.

3. Transcribers folder
So all our transcribers should have access to one folder. I bought the groups folder. This is the one i need right?
What are the steps i need to take to get this done?
1. add all transcribers as a user? (can we also do a registration form?
2. add them to a group
3. give that group access to that folder?

Can you help me with this?


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0 on February 24, 2016

Hey Roy

1. Yes the batch manager can do this!

2. Navigate to settings->emails you can set up all the email notifications there as well as set CC if needed

3. Best way for you to do this would be to create the folder and add each user to that folder. If you plan on having multiple folders you would like to add the same users to then adding the users to a role and assigning that role to the folder might be the better approach. But if its only one folder then adding each user individually will work too.

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