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Updated on February 16, 2018 in Client Document Manager
2 on February 14, 2018

I signed up for the trial account which is supposed to include all the addons. In my account, it is saying “there are one or more require or recommended plugins that need to be install.”
I guess that is the reason the features are not working properly.

Here are the issues:
1. I cannot put files in the folders
2. For the download  log, when I downloaded a file, it just says “1. Downloaded 1 times”
Is that is how it is supposed to be? That doesn’t help much for tracking purposes.

3. Can the plugin be set up so that if a hacker logs in he won’t be able to change the settings of the plugin, for example, the encryption settings.

4. Can it be set up so that the files can be downloaded not the whole folder?

5. Can the encryption addon be used by itself without using the client document manager plugin?

6. How do I put the files in the folders?

7. Can users’ docs can be uploaded to specific folders?
8. Does the encryption works if users upload files on the front end?

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0 on February 14, 2018

Also, will the encryption addon encrypt the entries of the gravity forms? The demo comes with gravity forms so I assume yes but want to double check.

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0 on February 16, 2018

No this does not encrypt gravity forms

The settings are not encrypted, only the files

Files can be downloaded individually

No encryption requires the plugin

“Add file” allows you to add files to folders

Yes user docs can be uploaded to specific folders

Yes files are encrypted on front end uploaded files

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